Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Who needs photoshop to have a glowy face?

Helloooooo!!! Just finished my mid semester exam yesterday and now I have many more assignments waiting for me to do T.T Actually I am so NOT IN THE MOOD to blog, but still..I feel guilty if I don't post something here once in a while.

WELL...Who needs photoshop to have a glowy face when you actually can use makeup products straight away to achieve that look? Imma gonna teach you the fastest way to make your face looks supple and glowy just like those Kpop stars =D 

Today this tutorial is just gonna focus on face makeup only instead of eye makeup. You can do this face makeup to college or university or work even if you don't feel like doing eye makeup on that day =) This face makeup is just to cheat people to think that you have a nice complexion =p 

And also, you don't have to follow the makeup products I used in the tutorial if you have something similar like mine ^^

Let's get started!!!

Make sure you apply moisturizer and toner before you apply your foundation/bb cream, do not apply makeup products straight away without apply your skincare product. If not your skin will becomes dry and caky after a while. 

Step 1:
After applied bb cream/foundation on the face, I use a small brush to mix "Foxy", "Bootycall" and "Verve" colour from Naked2 palette together and brush it on my nose bridge area.

Step 2: 
Mix the same three colours again as what I did in step 1 again and apply it on the cheek bone, forehead and chin. 

Step 3:
Then, I contour my nose by using "Tease" this colour from Naked2 palette.

You can see there is a very obvious changes on half of my nose on the left compare to the right one. It looks slimmer,smaller and SHARPER!! =D 


I have to rush my assignments now =S Have a good day peeps!!!! Hope you guys learnt something in the post =D


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